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Mineral Enzyme Green Smoothie Mango Diet Drink Enzyme

The mineral enzyme green smoothie is ... Product Description Easy Hassle! Such as a finished just mix with water or milk Shaika! Without buying vegetables and high mixer, Green smoothie life! About 200 species of vegetables and fruit were blended enzyme as a raw material! Wild grass, vegetables, blended fruit, grains, seaweed, etc., to the enzyme in which the 200 species as a raw material minerals! * Mineral components delicious mango taste drink calcium, magnesium also delicious mango flavor children! Vegetables and I will continue to drink delicious every day in you're not good. Nickname with milk or soy milk is also very good. Per meal standing was of 22.86kcal! Firmly belly has to low-calorie! Ideal for replacing diet and snacking! Can you without worrying about the calories. When compared to the one bread (158.4 kcal) about 1/6. Minerals and enzymes and W formulated to support active every day! Minerals and enzymes W compounding "mineral" is not the body generated? Not produced in the mineral is actually the body that prepare the workings of the body. Cause malfunction of the body, you also need to intake voluntarily from food in order not to fall into mineral deficiency. It is the enzyme that was announced by medical scientist Edward Howell Dr. indispensable partner component "enzyme" in 1985 to the organism. Japan is now also widely recognized that it is indispensable component on to live in since. Green smoothies mineral and enzyme was W formulation, will support you to spend an active every day! How to Make ~ How to make How to make a busy morning even standing was 10 seconds! Smoothie life that can easily nutrition! * Time to mix by products might take one, and put the water (about 200cc) to shaker. 2, I will put a spoon 2 cups of powder that comes with the shaker. 3, tightly closed the shaker lid, shake 4, poured into a cup finished!                                                                                                                        
  • The luxury about 200 kinds of vegetables, wild gr
  • Only 10 seconds Sheikh simple, is a green smoothi
  • Even in weak people green juice, delicious drink
  • Such as yogurt or soy milk, compatibility with da
  • Green smoothie super topic is health drink of new
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