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GABA Dietary Supplement -Promote Relaxation & Fat Burn

Are you a runner, power-lifter, body-builder, athlete or physically active person who wants to improve exercise tolerance, performance and recovery?
Do you want to relieve nervous tension, insomnia, stress, anxiety, physical fatigue or pain?
If so, the Pure Science Supplements GABA capsules are perfect for you.

Produced from carefully-processed natural amino acid derivative, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, the Pure Science Supplements GABA are easy-to-swallow, quick-to-disintegrate and fast-absorbed capsules with high bioavailability and instant results. The allergen-free, vegetarian GABA capsules boost the production of alpha brain waves, resulting in profound physical relaxation, better mental focus, reduced stress, irritability and anxiety, and improved mood.

Pure Science Supplements GABA is a potent formula for reducing the symptoms of Post-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), stabilizing blood pressure, relieving pain, enhancing mood and boosting a sense of wellness and happiness. It boosts recovery from intense exercises, improves exercise tolerance and relieves pain and injuries. Not convinced? Here are the benefits:
- Fast-absorbed capsules with high bioavailability, giving quick results.
- Produce alpha brain waves, resulting in better brain-calming, mental focus and physical relaxation.
- Stabilize blood pressure, relieve PMS, improve mood and happiness, and burn body fat.
- Boost exercise tolerance, performance and recovery.
- Ideal for body-builders, power-lifters, martial artists, runners and other athletes.
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